Welcome to Svenska Grammofon Studion located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

SGS is one of Scandinavia's leading recording studios with 750sq meters of equipment spanning the different eras of audio recording.

Many of the most important scandinavian artists have worked at Svenska Grammofonstudion during the last ten years and since 2006 the swedish national radio regularly broadcast from SGS. Check our client and projects list!

In 2003 the "Queen" Neve Console found a new home at SGS. The "Queen" Neve is one of the most legendary desks ever made. This specific desk was used on classic recordings by artists such as: The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and Jonny Cash etc, etc...

SGS have an endless array of classic instruments and amplifiers in the studio. With 3 control rooms in the same building it is possible to work around the clock with tracking and overdubs happening in one area while mixing is occuring in another.

SGS can offer an entierly analogue recording path from classic tube Neumans and AKG microphones to Neve, Telefunken and Api preamps. Pultec and massenburg EQS, Neve and Urei compressors, Studer, Ampex and MCI 24 track 2inch recorders, all the way to mixdown via one of europes largest discrete Neve desks to Ampex and Studer master recorders!

Not only the classics but also the newest state-of-the-art digital recording platforms: Pro-Tools and Logic on G5s are located in all the studios.

SGS also offers a 5 bedroom apartment/lounge with kitchen and cabel TV for the artists.

SGS takes pride in being one of the most affordable professional studios in Scandinavia.